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The Kinder Morgan family of pipelines invites you to learn more about our pipelines and services. Our pipelines offer a variety of customer oriented services.

This NAESB-compliant web site will allow you to select a pipeline group/pipeline from the menu bar on the left, and easily navigate to the section of this site that interests you by selecting the appropriate section from the expanded menu.

Kinder Morgan is continually looking for new ways to serve current and prospective customers through new service offerings and facility expansions. To obtain information on facility expansions that are proposed or currently underway, please select the EXPANSION PROJECTS link from the menu bar at left.

We have tried to make the sections of this site applicable for all pipelines. However, if a section is not applicable to the pipeline you have selected, no data will be provided when your request is submitted. This website uses Adobe Acrobat Reader® for reading some of its documents. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, download the Reader from the Acrobat button at the bottom of this page. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software available from Adobe Systems Incorporated. Download the software and install as a browser plug-in, following the instructions available at the Adobe site. The Customer Activities or secured sections (NOMINATION, FLOWING GAS, INVOICING, CAPACITY RELEASE, and CONTRACTS/RATES) require log-on ids and passwords.

DART utilizes a Multi-Factor Authentication process to log in. To learn more about this process, please select the following links:

The following links provide access to DART processes:

To request a new login ID, modify the security on an existing ID or receive a password reset, contact your company’s DSA (DART Security Administrator). When an DSA does not exist for the company, a security form must be sent to the DART Security Coordinator.

If you have concerns about navigating or using our website or the basic functionality of a particular application, we have provided a useful and user-friendly, online TRAINING resource located on the navigation bar to the left.

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