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HubAmerica is a program developed by Natural that provides customers a convenient way to obtain pricing Piceance Basin gas supplies are exported from the Greasewood / Meeker area on numerous pipelines including Rockies Express Pipeline (“REX”), TransColorado Gas Transmission Company LLC (“TransColorado”), Questar (“QPC”), Northwest Pipeline (“NWPL”), Wyoming Interstate (“WIC”) and Colorado Interstate (“CIG”). The TransColorado Hub is uniquely configured to effect receipts and deliveries to all these pipelines.

Hub Service:
The TransColorado Hub is an interruptible service providing transportation in and around its Meeker and Greasewood receipt and delivery points. TransColorado will post a rate matrix on its interactive website for hub services to be provided at specified points. The posted rate matrix will remain in effect unless changed for any future gas days by TransColorado posting a revised rate matrix prior to 9:00 am Central Clock Time, with the revised rates to become effective on the following gas day or other future gas day. Posted rates will be available to any Shipper for service under an effective Interruptible Transportation Service Agreement with TransColorado. Accordingly, interruptible transportation through the TransColorado Hub will be charged a commodity rate, applicable ACA surcharges and fuel, but users of this service will not be required to pay any reservation charges or to make any term commitment.

TransColorado operates a 22-inch diameter pipeline system between Greasewood and Meeker, which is capable of transporting approximately 1.0 Bcf per day between pipes in the area. The combination of gas receipts and deliveries on any particular day may allow TransColorado to provide interruptible service in excess of this capacity. TransColorado has bi-directional receipt and delivery capability and depending on the pressures and gas flow with interconnecting pipelines, can receive or deliver gas by displacement with Rockies Express, QPC, WIC, and CIG. Receipt capability directly from the Enterprise plant is also available.

TransColorado’s current north zone tariff FL&U rate will apply to interruptible service performed through the TransColorado Hub.