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Recent Notices (See Info Postings for all notices)
Jan 16 Ofo Type3 Lvl 2 South Sys Effe 1/19/20
Jan 16 Ofo Type3 Lvl 2 North Sys Effe 1/19/20

Planned Service Outage
Jan 18 Wrens Outage Resolved 01/18/2020
Jan 16 Fairburn C/S Resolved 1/16/20

Capacity Constraints/FMJ
Dec 30 Fairburn Cs Force Majeure – Lifted
Dec 29 Fairburn Force Majeure

Other Critical
Jan 19 Updated Pipeline Conditions 01/19/20 Id1
Jan 18 Updated Pipeline Conditions 01/19/2020

Non-Critical Notices
Jan 17 Est Cumulative System Cash Out Imbalance
Jan 16 Est Cumulative System Cash Out Imbalance

Open Seasons (See Info Postings for all notices)
Nov 21 Award Of Firm Trans In Z2 Open Season
Nov 19 Award Of Firm Rp Amendment
Nov 14 Open Season For Rp Amendment
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DISCLAIMER: The summary information contained in this graphical display is a sampling of points for informational purposes only. This display should not be relied on by shippers in making or confirming commercial transactions. For a listing of available capacity, please go to the capacity link under Informational Postings.

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